2013 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc C-C-C 100km

Hey gang!

Although it took me longer than I expected, I did it!!!


1,900 athletes started the race, representing 87 countries, with 31 Americans from across the U.S. In the end, about 1,300 finished (600+ did not make due to failing to meet the critical time markers, injury, fatigue, or just quit).

I had calculated 20 hours (+/- 1 hour) as a finish time, but realized the terrain was extremely demanding. I finished in 26 hours, 14 minutes, and was greeted by super supportive people in Chamonix that I felt like I had won the race. My equipment, nutrition, and movement plan executed without issue, and I had Kim there to provide pro-style support throughout the race (especially in the “wee-hours of the night.”)

To capture some of my experiences, I’ve added a video montage of pictures and video set to a few fittings music tracks. It’s a bit long, but make sure you turn up the sound and wait until the credits.

100km Mountain Montage

Hope you enjoy, and once again…you all rock!

Cheers, Alex

2013 Promised Land 50k

The Promised Land 50k is less than 3 days away. I’ve been following a rigorous train up but not as crazy as in the past. Generally speaking, I’ve stuck to trails and off-road runs; hopefully, training up in Catoctin Mountain in February, the Alps last month (March), and then a training run in down in Lynchburg.

During the Promise Land training run, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Horton (Race Director, Ultra-marathoner) and he’s one of the most interesting personas I’ve met in the ultra-trail community.

I’m looking forward to camping out on Friday as well. Haven’t done that before…usually I’m in a hotel chilling out after a pasta dinner. So, it’ll be a change: camping out the night before in a tent, bonfire, early 05:30am start…

Look for future posts and pics of the event.

Run Happy!

Running in the Alps (Garmisch, Germany)

Just completed a fantastic week long training session in Garmisch, Germany. Lots of fresh air, hills, mountains, and yeah…rain and snow. Had three dedicated days to training, with five events.

The times were slower than I had planned on, but then again, I was climbing up steep verticals (at least for me) and it was more “power walking” at times than running.

2013 UTMB C-C-C Packing List

During the past month, I’ve started to accumulate the required equipment I’ll need for the UTMB C-C-C (2013 UTMB Packing List).
So far, here’s where I’m at:

Item Specifications Link Cost (US$)
Mobile phone World Phone SIM Access iPhone $100
Personal cup or tumbler 15cl SET OF 3 CUPS FOLDING 10
Salomon S-Lab Set 12L Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set 200
Stock of water minimum 1 litre 1L minimum; will carry 1.5 L blivet plus 2 x 500ml bottles n/a n/a
Head Lamp Nao Petzl Nao 190
Batteries AA Litium Batteries n/a 10
Survival blanket Included in Salomon S-Lab Pack Set n/a n/a
Whistle Included in Salomon S-Lab Pack Set n/a n/a
Adhesive elastic band Able of making a bandage or a strapping (mini 100cm x 6 cm) Elastic Adhesive 10
Food reserve Gels, EFS Liquid Nutrition EFS Liquid Shot (Vanilla) 100
Marmot Gore-Tex Jacket with Hood Waterproof (minimum 10,000 Schmerber)                       Breathable (RET lower than 13) Marmot Goretex Jacket (Red) 210
Long running trousers or leggings Or a combination of leggings and long socks, which cover the legs completely Salomon Exo S-Lab III Tights 180
Warm mid-layer top (180g) Salomon Swift Midlayer Hoody for Men Salomon Blue Swift Hoody 90
Cap Salomon Running Cap Salomon Matador Hat 25
Bandana Generic bandana n/a 10
Warm hat Pearl Izumi Running Hat Pearl Izumi Transfer Skull Cap n/a
Warm and waterproof gloves Goretex gloves Gore Mistral Glove (Black) n/a
Waterproof over-trousers Full-Zip, wind and waterproof pants Salomon Momentum II Soft Shell Full Zip Pants 100
Total $1,235



And so it begins…my very own website / blog!  I’m so excited!!!  I’ve always wanted my own place on the interweb that I could post my race pictures, results, training log, and heck, just about everything.

Here, you’ll be able to follow me around the globe as I run in places you see in magazines.  Why…well, why not?  What else should I do?  Sit around, get fat, and hate my life?  Hell no!  I run for me first.  But, I often dedicate a run to friends and family who continue to struggle with weight, life, and health.  Running has become a religious activity for me.  There’s plenty of fellowship on the trail, lots of water for baptisms, and between the distances travelled, environmental effects of sun, rain, snow & sleet, it inspires considerable faith to endure.

Peace out! AI